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13 January 2018

qube v3 Release Notes

by nikhila

A new update of Qube is available! This version features spotlight: hover over a user’s name in the sidebar for one second, and qube will spotlight your person of interest (they’ll even jump and down!) -


A few other features to spotlight:

Just enable ‘Always use Zoom Personal Meeting ID to start meetings’ under settings (the gear icon) in Qube. (Note - meetings with PMIs will take longer to start, so enable only if you use personal Zoom links, and consider starting conference room/auditorium meetings a minute or two early).

Automatic Time Zone Detection

For the wanderers and world travelers! Qube will now auto-detect and update your timezone for your traveling convenience.

Notification History

Never miss a notification again if you’re on Windows and using Remote Desktop! The last 10 knock/invite events will now be listed in your history (available under settings (the gear icon)).

And now, to spotlight a few bugfixes:

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