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2 June 2020

qube v7 Release Notes

by nikhila

Great news! We’ve rolled out an overhaul of our administration panel. We believe this new version will be much easier to understand and use.

For starters, our new admin panel opens up in a new tab! This allows you to update administrative settings (such as assigning homes, renaming offices, etc) and view the updating office at the same time. We’ve also added helpful background for all qube settings - no more clicking buttons to figure out what they do!

admin panel

We’ve streamlined the search, filter, and edit options to make finding and updating your office seamless. Previously, some of the columns were in-line editable and others weren’t. Understandably, this made for a confusing experience - so we’ve moved toward edit modals.

admin panel

As always, we love to hear feedback! Let us know if you have any issues, kudos ;), or feature requests.

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